Booming Tech Industry Shows No Signs of Slowing as Alberta Entrepreneurs Give Back to Community

High-growth startups supporting emerging entrepreneurs by sponsoring AccelerateAB

Alberta, Canada – While other industries are struggling, today’s tech industry is thriving. So much so that Alberta’s successful tech entrepreneurs are looking to give back to their community, and now have the opportunity to do so in a unique way.

AccelerateAB, in alignment with its mission to be a community driven event, has introduced the opportunity for local startups to get involved as event sponsors. This special type of sponsorship enables accomplished entrepreneurs to get involved and give back, sustaining the ever-growing startup ecosystem in Alberta.

“We’re sponsoring AccelerateAB because we want to give back to the community and create a thriving startup ecosystem to support high-growth companies,” says Patrick Lor, CEO of Dissolve. “The technology sector is booming, becoming a major contributor to the economy and Dissolve is part of that story.”

The sponsorship opportunity speaks to the close knit tech community in Calgary and Western Canada; a network of entrepreneurs and startups that educate and drive one another to success. It also recognizes the importance of supporting a progressively growing industry like tech during a time where other Alberta industries are seeing a significant downturn.

Look for these startups at this year’s AccelerateAB, April 28-29, in Calgary: 4iiii Innovations Inc., Benevity, Chaordix, Dissolve, FreshBooks, Industry Mailout, Jobber, Lift, Petrofeed, Poppy Barley, RCKTSHP, and Showbie.

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About AccelerateAB
AccelerateAB is an annual celebration focused on entrepreneurship and tech startups in Alberta. 400+ entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators come for around the province and beyond to discover Alberta’s fast-growing scene. The event is about connecting, educating, and showcasing the incredible tech companies that call Alberta

Posted on April 22, 2015 .