Accelerate Fund II invests in Visio Media’s next generation advertising engagement technology

Accelerate Fund II is pleased to announce its investment in Visio Media Inc, a technology company founded in Edmonton that equips advertisers to gage consumer interest and test the strength of different ads in real-time with different audiences. Visio Media’s advertising network currently broadcasts to 200 elevators in downtown high-rises across Edmonton and Vancouver and the company will apply funding to expand nationally into other Canadian urban centres.

Posted on October 10, 2017 .

"Afraid of failing at a startup? Let me tell you what it feels like" by Gregg Oldring

The Rainforest teaches us that the foundational parts of a healthy ecosystem is the active presence of Leaders and Role Models. The A100 certainly fits that bill. One of the most important and effective ways of doing this is through storytelling – to our colleagues, to aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs, and to our community.

Not all stories have a “happily ever after”.  Some of the best lessons as many of you are well aware are those that convey the sometimes brutal truths of being an entrepreneur – of failure, missteps and mistakes. 

Our former Chair and A100 member Gregg Oldring has written an excellent piece that shares his journey as he made the painful, but necessary decision to wind down his company InkIt.

Please have a read below and share with your colleagues and the community at large. Storytelling is something we don’t do well in Alberta. Let’s change that and start helping the next generation of entrepreneurs with the amazing lessons and journeys of being an entrepreneur.

"Afraid of failing at a startup? Let me tell you what it feels like" by Gregg Oldring

Posted on July 6, 2017 .

AccelerateAB Highlights Alberta’s Top 15 Tech Startups at Roundtables

AccelerateAB Roundtables is a half-day mentorship program that provides startups with the opportunity to receive validation and support from some of Alberta’s most influential entrepreneurs who have been there, done that. Each company is paired with three mentors with expertise in one topic area. By the end of the day, each company has met with 9 experts on three topics they currently need help with.

Posted on January 16, 2017 .