You’ve run into an A100 member at a conference or event. You have an opportunity to talk about mentorship, look for advice, ask questions about funding, but how do you make an effective ask? 

Here are our top three things to keep in mind:

  1. First and foremost, know your company. Be able to pitch the value proposition of your company in 30 seconds or less:  “We make (_______) that does (_____) that solves (______) for (__user group__).” 

  2. Always be prepared. Do your homework on the market opportunity for your product/company, the competition, the customer, and what you are offering.

  3. Have a defined issue that you need help with. Clearly state the problem in the form of question (how do we scale marketing?) or in the form of a request (we’re having problems with our_____).

More tips for a successful conversation:

  • Present yourself credibly and know your business inside and out. Always be prepared with research-based responses and proof points for your company.

  • Expect opinions and advice on what you are doing right, and what you could improve on, as well as new ideas to try and suggestions on other mentors to talk to.

  • Make sure that you arrange a follow-up meeting with the A100 member – and don’t be shy to ask for introductions to other mentors, customers, suppliers or experts!

  • Don’t expect validation of your idea – only the market can do this. Don’t expect for the A100 member to invest either – they’re there to give you guidance!

All of our members are listed on the A100 Member Page. Take a look and get familiar with the faces of successful entrepreneurship in Alberta. Next time you bump into someone from the A100, you’ll be ready!