A100 membership is of interest to industry leaders who meet the criteria outlined below, and share our passion for helping the next generation of Alberta tech entrepreneurs succeed. All of our members participate as individuals, and are not tied to a particular company, government or organizational objective.

Member Perks

  1. Access an exclusive, high-calibre network. You might be surprised at the collisions, collaborations and how many of our members start new companies together!

  2. Get the skinny on emerging tech companies. Whether you want to be on top of technology trends, or you want to invest, be the first to know about innovative new companies. 

  3. Professional development. We place a strong emphasis on training our members to be good coaches, mentors and advisors. There are unique education opportunities for A100 members.

  4. Settle in. You’ve found your peer group. The A100 is comprised of members who have built, sold and run technology companies. You’re not alone. They understand the challenges you’re facing and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in Alberta.

  5. Know that you’re making a meaningful impact in the technology ecosystem. And you're part of building something the next generation of Albertans can be proud of. 

Criteria for Membership:

  • Held a Founding, Executive or Director position in a technology startup;
  • Experienced the full lifecycle of a start-up over a period of at least 3 years;
  • Built a strong personal network of contacts, and shown a commitment to leverage and share that network as it relates to the goals of the A100;
  • Demonstrated a willingness to commit time and energy to engage with A100 members and the broader tech community;
  • Shown skills and experience that would help the A100 accomplish its mission;
  • Currently resides in Alberta (with the exception of ex-pat members);
  • Nominated by 3 current A100 members, and approved by the A100 Membership Committee;
  • Paid initial and renewal membership fees.

If you’re interested in becoming an A100 member, we suggest you connect with current members to discuss nomination.

Current A100 Members can nominate new members using this online form.